Who Am I? 03 | Pub Quiz

In this who am I round we'll be taking on the persona of various famous personalities, be they alive, dead or fictitious! I love this round, it really gets the crowd thinking. You can choose to deliver this as one quiz round but I like to scatter the questions in between rounds in my pub quizzes with the first team to get the correct answer receiving a few bonus points!

1. I am a family man, living in my small hometown in America.

I'm not the most athletic man.

I enjoy drinking beer in my local bar with my buddies.

I work at a nuclear power plant.

I'm yellow and my catchphrase is "Doh"

2. I spent most of my early years in India.

I studied Graphic Art and Design at Ealing Art College.

I played in a number of bands after college.

I legally changed my name in 1971.

I created the crest for my band.

3. I was a child star.

As well as acting, I became a model as I grew up.

I have spoken at the UN.

I starred in the second highest-grossing film of 2017.

I'll forever be associated with Hogwarts.

4. I was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1981.

I'm a sports personality.

I've been competing professionally since 1998.

I've won BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year 4 times.

I've achieved a Career Grand Slam in Tennis.

5. I'm a singer, movie star and cultural icon.

I briefly served in the military.

My first film was released in 1956.

I am the best selling solo music artist of all time.

I died at the age of 42 at my home.


1. I'm Homer Simpson

2. I'm Freddie Mercury

3. I'm Emma Watson

4. I'm Roger Federer

5. I am Elvis Presley

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