The True or False of Stupid Sports | Pub Quiz

In this round you have ten wacky sports to explain to your audience, they have to guess if the sport is true or something made up!

1. Chess Boxing

Exactly what it sounds like, a chess board is set up in the middle of a boxing ring and two players duke it out in 4 minute rounds. After those 4 minutes, they’re required to stand up and engage in a boxing match for 2 minutes – the winner is declared based on whether you’ve been knocked out or suffer a checkmate. (T)

2. Water Fencing

Water fencing speaks for itself. Two opponents must stand on small floating platforms with the objective of knocking your opponent into the water. The rules are much the same as traditional fencing except while you are awarded points for hitting your opponent, skillfully knocking them into the water will win you the match. (F)

3. Elephant Polo

This is a game mostly played in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand – although you’ll also find English and Scottish teams. It’s a standard game of polo played with Elephants using long sticks and elephant steering drivers with championships played in Nepal called Tiger Tops (T)

4. Shin Kicking

You grab a dude and start crunching the living crap out of his shins in order to force him to the ground – this “sport” is even described as a form of martial arts. In the old days, rumour has it contestants wore steel-toe boots to attack their opponent, with training consisting of beating in their shin with a hammer to build tolerance.(T)

5. Professional Furniture Assembling

Competitors are given identical flat packed furniture to assemble and are tasked with assembling them in the fastest time. Each competitor must bring their own tools which has led to a whole host of interesting methods and power tools designed to give competitors the edge. The sport has racked up quite a following online and is broadcast live worldwide on the internet.(F)

6. Pro Mini Golf

The casual-friendly alternative to regular golf has now been given a competitive edge. Even though the thought of this relaxed chilled out version of golf with TV broadcasting, sponsorship deals and international championships seems silly – it’s actually quite popular.(T)

7. Dwarf-tossing

Mostly found in pubs and bars, to put dwarf into special padded clothing and fling him at a mattress or Velcro-covered wall. Rules depend on whether there’s a bullseye or if you just need to throw it farther than everyone else. Canada banned this sport in 2003, France allows it and it’s also banned in the U.S – and in Middle-Earth they generally don’t like getting tossed.(T)

8. Extreme Ironing

A dangerous sport in which you take your ironing board to the top of a thin precipice and iron your shirts while avoiding death. In 1997, one guy from England wanted to go rock climbing but still got his ironing done, so he took the board up and did the laundry. The sport took off after that.(T)

9. Dishwashing

Contestants have to wash dishes, it's as simple as that. Judges award contestants for their speed, grace, how carefully they handle the plates and the cleanliness of the dishes.(F)

10. Nipple clamping

Contestants have increasingly tight clamps attached to their nipples. It’s a simple game of last man standing, if you can’t take it anymore, you submit. It runs in the same circuits as professional face slapping and spanking and is actually quite popular in some countries.(F)

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