Sports Decathlon Round | Pub Quiz

The Decathlon round is a pretty simple question and answer round except all of the answers run in alphabetical order, so if the answer to the first question begins with a e, the next will be f then g and so on!

1. Where did Alan Shearer move to on leaving Southampton? Blackburn Rovers

2. In cricket scoring, what does c&b stand for? Caught & Bowled

3. The Duckworth-Lewis method of calculating the score required to win in a rain affected game of cricket was renamed as what in 2014? Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method

4. At UFC 205, Connor McGregor became the first simultaneous two division UFC champion defeating which US wrestler by TKO? Eddie Alvarez

5. How many players are there on an Olympic curling team? Four

6. Which British racecourse found in Chichester, West Sussex is known for its annual 'Glorious' meeting? Goodwood

7. England took the lead against Lithuania in their football World Cup Qualifier in 2017 with a well placed penalty scored by whom? Harry Kane

8. In which sport would find the team Anaheim Ducks? Ice Hockey

9. Which nation caused one of the biggest upsets in rugby union history when they defeated South Africa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup? Japan

10. The winners of both the men's and women's race at the 2016 London Marathon represented which country? Kenya

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