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Instead of questions about events that took place in the world of 'Friends', I went for a more behind the scenes approach, focusing on facts that are interesting. If you know the answers then great, if you don't know you still have a 50% chance of getting the answers right and will learn a thing or two in the process!

1. 'Friends' was originally called Insomnia Cafe

True, when the show was first pitched it was called Insomnia Cafe. The lead love interests were set to be Monica and Joey, not Ross and Rachel. After NBC bought the pilot, the name was changed to Friends Like Us, when the show was filmed it changed again to Six of One then finally landed on Friends.

2. Rachel was meant to be played by Lisa Kudrow

False, Lisa Kudrow was always cast as phoebe but at the time, Courtney Cox was actually cast as Rachel but she requested to play the role of Monica as she liked the strong female character.

3. The role of Ross was actually written for David Schwimmer

True, Producer Kevin Wright had worked with Schwimmer before and wanted him in the show. So the role was written with him in mind taking into account dialogue that would work when spoken by Schwimmer. He didn’t even have to audition for the role.

4. The opening credits were not shot in New York.

True, the iconic fountain that the cast dance in actually is actually a set in Warner Bros studio in Burbank.

5. 'Friends' was never actually filmed in front of a live audience.

False, with the exception of cliffhangers, the show was filmed with a live audience of three hundred people watching and laughing along. The canned laughter that you hear, is actually real!

6. The two apartments that most of Friends took place in actually changed floors.

True, when the show was first made, the apartments were given the arbitrary door numbers of four and five. Later on, it was pointed out that this didn’t make sense as they didn’t live on the ground floor so the numbers were switched to nineteen and twenty.

7. Ross’s pet monkey was actually played by two separate monkeys.

True, Marcell was played by two monkeys, one named ‘Monkey’ and one named ‘Katie’. Marcell was written out of the show as it became too time-consuming to get scenes with the monkey doing what it was supposed to be doing.

8. Bruce Willis was paid over one million dollars per episode for his cameo appearances in Friends, more than the main cast was earning at that time.

False, while he was a huge star at the time, he actually performed his parts, for free. This was due to a bet between Willis and Matthew Perry during the filming of The Whole Nine Yards. Perry bet Willis that it would be number one in the box office during its opening week. It was and as a forfeit, Willis donated his earnings from Friends to charity.

9. Phoebe and Chandler were originally written as supporting roles and not as main cast members.

True, originally Monica's apartment was meant to be the main set piece with Chandler as the neighbour across the hall and Phoebe as Monica’s strange ‘gothic’ friend. Both roles were re-written into the roles that we all know and love today.

10. The names for all six cast members were intentionally inspired and similar to the family in the show ‘All My Children’

True, Chandler is for the Chandler family, Rachel’s last name is for Janet Green, Ross is for Ross Chandler, Monica is for Monique, Joey is for Joseph Martin, and Phoebe is for Phoebe Tyler Wallingford.

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