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We've had a round about the main cast, but what about the rest? Well, don't worry because we've put together a round of questions about the rest of the Friends cast. This round has ten questions once again ranging from very easy, to 'superfan' level!

1. What is Janice’s catchphrase?

“Oh My God”

2. What is the name of Ross’s son?


3. What are the names of Ross and Monica's parents?

Jack and Judy Gellar

4. Who tells the story about there being no hardware stores open past midnight in the Village?

Fun Bobby

In "The One with Russ", Fun Bobby quits drinking and tells this ~exhilarating~ story

5. What type of animal is Hugsy?

Hugsy is Joey’s stuffed animal and of course, it’s a Penguin!

6. What is the name of Monica and Rachel’s most well-known downstairs neighbour?

Mr Heckles, who left everything to the girls in his will when his character passed away.

7. Which of these is NOT a line in the song, 'Morning is Here'; breakfast is near, sunshine is here, I’m full of cheer or the sky is clear?

"I'm full of cheer"

The Morning Is Here guy only appeared in one episode – "The One with All the Haste' – where he pissed off Rachel and duetted with Joey.

8. What is ‘Tag’s ’ job?

He was Rachel's assistant who had an impressive CV including “two whole summers at TGI Friday’s”

9. Where does Mike first propose to Phoebe?

He originally proposed in Barbados after hearing that David was going to propose. Phoebe leaves David for Mike as she just wanted to know that he was open to marriage.

10. What is Chandler’s Mother's job?

An erotic novelist, much to the embarrassment of Chandler.

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